Airguns and the Law

 Under 14Use an air rifle under supervision on private premises with permission from the occupier – normally the owner or tenant. The person who supervises must be at least 21 years old.Buy, hire or receive an air rifle or its ammunition as a gift, or shoot without adult supervision.
 Age 14 to 17Borrow an air rifle and ammunition
Use an air rifle, without supervision, on private premises where permission has been granted to the shooter.
Buy or hire an air rifle, or ammunition, or receive one as a gift. The air rifle and ammunition must be bought and looked after by someone over 18 – normally a parent, guardian or some other responsible adult.
Have an air rifle in a public place unless supervised by somebody aged 21 or over and a reasonable excuse to do so (for example, while on the way to a shooting ground).
 18 and overIf 18 years or older there are no restrictions on buying an air rifle and ammunition, and these can be used wherever permission to shoot has been granted to the shooter.