The next club competition will be held on Friday 31st May and will be Americas Match Centre Fire U/L.

Competition details and results can be viewed here.

Turning Target Shoots

Ferndown Gun Club can run turning target shooting evenings on request on those Friday evenings which are not dedicated to competitions or 'Bench Rest' league shooting.

See here for more information.

Target Shooter Magazine

The latest online edition is always available here


Target shooting is one of the 26 Olympic and 21 Paralympic Sports, as well as being one of the events that make up Modern Pentathlon. It is not generally seen as a mainstream activity, but thanks to London2012 and the success of Team GB, the sport of target shooting has seen a marked increase in interest from all ages and abilities.

Target shooting is a sport that anyone, of any age, gender and physical ability can participate in along side each other. It can inspire those individuals who aren't particularly interested in, or capable of taking part in, the “popular” sports.

Ferndown Gun Club has one of the most active memberships of any target shooting club in South West England. Our club continues to produce many of the area’s top competitive shooters over a wide range of disciplines. 

Ferndown Gun Club is an accredited Disability Hub Club.

As part of our involvement in the community, we provide access to our facilities at Ferndown Leisure Centre for other organisations and provide social and responsibility training to a wide range of bodies. We also organise and run target shooting sessions at other locations using portable equipment, on behalf of educational, sporting and support organisations. Read more.

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