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Club Overview

Target shooting is one of the 26 Olympic and 21 Paralympic Sports, as well as being one of the events that make up Modern Pentathlon. It is not generally seen as a mainstream activity, but thanks to London2012 and the success of Team GB, the sport of target shooting has seen a marked increase in interest from all ages and abilities.

Target shooting is a sport that anyone, of any age, gender and physical ability can participate in along side each other.
It can inspire those individuals who aren't particularly interested in, or capable of taking part in, the “popular” sports.

Ferndown Gun Club (FGC) has one of the most active memberships of any target shooting club in the South West of England. Our club continues to produce many of the area’s top competitive shooters over a wide range of disciplines.

FGC is:

  • affiliated to the National Rifle Association (NRA UK).
  • a Disability Hub Club accredited by British Shooting and Disability Shooting Great Britain.
  • registered under the Community Amateur Sports Club Scheme (Charity Ref: CH11972)

The club aims are as follows:

  • To positively promote the sport of target shooting.
  • To show that target shooting is a safe and responsible sport.
  • To show that target shooting is an inclusive sport.
  • To campaign for increased sporting choices and opportunities.

Air Arms S400 10M Precision Air Rifle

Ferndown Gun Club is based at a Home Office Approved indoor target shooting range co-located with Ferndown  Leisure Centre.  See here for location details.

This 25 yard (23m) range provides facilities [see Note 1] for target shooting with air rifles and air pistols plus rim fire cartridge rifles; centre fire cartridge rifles; long barrelled revolvers; long barrelled pistols; muzzle loading revolvers; and muzzle loading pistols [see Note 2 for approved calibres]. The facilities at the Ferndown range include an electronic target returning system and programmable turning targets. Club pistols and rifles are available (dependent on level of membership). Free coaching is available from qualified club instructors.

Ferndown Gun Club also organises regular visits to Bisley for target shooting at longer distances.

The club holds competitions regularly at our internal range and external ranges covering:
  • Rim Fire Rifle
  • Pistol Calibre Gallery Rifle
  • Centre Fire Rifle (at NRA and MOD ranges)
The current programme of internal competitions can be viewed here.

See here for Membership details.

See here for Contact details.

Please feel free to come along to one of our sessions (See Opening Times) where we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.


Note 1: All shooting at this indoor range is conducted from a standing, seated or kneeling position. There is no provision at this range for prone (lying face down) or supine (lying face up) shooting. The club arranges regular visits to external approved ranges where members are able to shoot from a prone or supine position.

Note 2: The following list provides an indication of allowable calibres and types of cartridge ammunition which may be used at the FGC indoor range. This should be considered as guidance only as the combined factors of calibre, muzzle velocity and external ballistic energy will influence any decision to allow or prohibit the use of a particular ammunition on the grounds of safety and welfare, effect on the range, and the noise level produced. The Range Officer on duty will have absolute authority to allow or prohibit the use of a particular ammunition during a shooting detail. See also, notice in the range for more information regarding  permitted and prohibited ammunition.

Allowable Calibres (Guidance only)

  • .22LR (including Hollow Point/Expanding) 
  • .32
  • .38 Special
  • .357 Magnum*
  • .44 Special*
  • .44 Ball* (muzzle loading guns)
  • .45 Colt*
        * Subject to load/gun combinations not exceeding the limits stated below:

Range safety certificate limitations:
    Maximum muzzle velocity - 1,710 f.p.s.
    Maximum calibre - .455 inch
    Maximum muzzle energy - 475 ft. lbs