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Successful target shooting requires practice, skill, concentration and nerve.

Benefits from target shooting can include improvements in core strength, stamina, balance, concentration, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

    Age is no barrier – it is truly a lifetime sport
    Disability is no barrier – people of all abilities can take part
    Gender is no barrier – male and female shooters can develop equal abilities
    Holistic – combines physical, technical and psychological development
    Very safe - target shooting is conducted under strictly controlled conditions
    Disciplined approach promotes responsibility - especially in young people
    Ferndown Gun Club has available for use all the equipment necessary
The current membership fee for adults is £128 per annum (1st September 2021 - 31st August 2022) and £64 for juniors.
New members may pay a pro rata subscription depending on the date of joining.
Adult members in full time education may be eligible for a 50% reduction in annual membership fee.

All beginners are required to complete a probationary period (minimum 3 months) with a minimum number of attendances (12) and to be assessed on safe handling and range rules to qualify for full club membership.

A Membership Application Form is available below for download.

John Gillingham,
2 Apr 2019, 12:44