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Turning Targets

Ferndown Gun Club can run turning target shooting evenings on request on those Friday evenings which are not dedicated to competitions. These sessions run from 19:00hrs to 20:30hrs.

These sessions are restricted to the use of:

  • Rim-Fire Cartridge Rifles
  • Centre-Fire Cartridge Rifles
  • Long Barrelled Pistols
  • Long Barrelled Revolvers

Courses of fire will be chosen by those shooting. They may be selected from the list below; any other courses from the Gallery Rifle and Pistol Handbook; or just made up.

·        Timed and Precision Practice 2

12 shots in two strings of 6. For each string, 6 appearances of 2 seconds with intervals of 5 seconds. One shot only to be fired at each appearance.

·        Timed and Precision Practice 3

3 appearances of 3 seconds with intervals of 5 seconds. 2 shots only to be fired at each appearance.

·        The Granet

3 practices of 2 series of 5 shots per practice. During each series, the target appears 5 times, each time for 3 seconds with an away time of 7 seconds between each appearance. 1 shot only to be fired at each appearance.

·        Multi Target Practice 1

6 shots in 15 seconds on the left hand target.

·       Multi Target Practice 2

3 shots on each target in 10 seconds.

·       Multi Target Practice 3

3 x 3 second appearances with intervals of 5 seconds. 2 shots to be fired at each appearance on the right hand target.

Any rim-fire or centre-fire rifle or pistol authorised for use at the range may be used, but no black powder or airguns. Club guns will also be available.

There will not be any separate sighting targets (although ‘scopes will be on the benches to check fall of shot), so come zeroed and ready to go.

NOTE: Shooters will be expected to un-case and case their guns on the bench inside the range.